Bologna, 20 June 2009 - One year from launch and its arrival in large-scale retail, Datalogic is celebrating Joya's first 365 days with "the numbers" that demonstrate the success of the innovative pod that has revolutionized the traditional concept of shopping. The first of these numbers is 10, the number of retailers who have already decided to reward their customers with a new shopping experience in some of their stores: Auchan Italia, Delhaize Group, Gruppo Finiper, E.Leclerc Conad, Groupe Casino, Unicoop, Coop Adriatica, Carrefour France, Carrefour Belgium, and Esselunga.

What are the main benefits for retailers who use Joya, confirming the success of "high-tech shopping"?
First of all, there was an average increase in sales of 10-15%, with peaks of 30%, from customers who use Shopevolution. This increase was paired with greater loyalty from customers using Joya, because they decided to focus their purchases at a single store. In fact, on average 25% of potential customers who used Shopevolution became loyal customers (and therefore bought more!), compared with only 11% of customers not using this shopping system.

Joya and Shopevolution increase customer retention. A year after the service was introduced in the store, approximately 23% of customers who did not use Shopevolution had been "lost", while only 6% of loyal customers using the Joya pod stopped shopping in that banner.

Shopevolution wins over everyone, men and women, young and old, digital natives and digital immigrants, and registers a total affect on sales that averages 30%, with peaks of nearly 60%.

Joya is a real ‘personal shopper' in customers' hands, making them the protagonists of what has become a truly interactive shopping experience: the information, promotions, and sale offers shown on the Joya display as customers select their items (the moment of truth!), can even double sales for products promoted through the pod.

"We have to thank retailers and consumers for Joya's success," said Luigi Frison, Marketing Manager for Datalogic Mobile EBS. "Datalogic wanted to personalize the shopping experience in part by introducing technology into everyday life by putting a real ‘personal shopper' in customers' hands, making them the protagonists of what has become a truly interactive shopping experience. By thinking in these terms and researching what customers really need, at Datalogic we have created Joya, an easy-to-use pod that knows each shopper personally: it updates their shopping lists, informs them about the features of all the products on offer, and tells them about any sales in the store. What's more, it helps them save time at checkout by providing self-pay kiosks or dedicated checkouts with cashiers there to help".

The numbers from the Auchan Italia store in Mestre are further proof of Joya's success: over 12,000 loyalty cards have been activated in just a few months since the project was announced, and 600 customers chose the intelligent shopping option in just the first day the pod was launched.

"Joya is a true revolution on our 20th birthday," affirms Roberto La Rosa, director of the hypermarket. "Payment is incredibly fast, wait times at checkout have been slashed by 80%, and customers can take their purchases directly out to their cars, thanks in part to a spacious bag we provide that hooks to the cart. Most importantly, customers can constantly monitor their account and the products they've selected: we're convinced that the new system will be a big hit," concluded La Rosa.

WHAT IS JOYA - Joya, the next generation pod that make shopping faster and more convenient, lets the customers scan the barcodes on the products they buy, and is an entirely new way to experience a store.
Customers pick up their Joya pods from the dispenser at the entrance to the store. The pod lights up when it scans the loyalty card, and starts a fun and personalized shopping experience: it's quick, for people short on time, and full of information, content, and special offers for people who want a complete picture of their purchases, and who may be looking for savings in particular. The advantages of using Joya are countless. To start with, the products selected can be placed in bags directly in customers' carts, however they like, without any need to unload the items on the conveyor belt at checkout. This makes payment much, much faster: no more queuing to pay, thanks to dedicated checkouts and special terminals for self-service payment.

Joya lets shoppers see the total in real time, so they always know how much they've spent so far. And thanks to cutting-edge technology, it can also provide detailed information about product characteristics and nutritional content, as well as where the products are from and when they expire, helping customers make informed decisions for healthy, hassle-free food.

It also lets customers know about the best offers currently in the store. Through loyalty card scans or shopping lists entered on the retailer's web site, Joya can remember shoppers' habits so it can offer them what they need most, and provide a "promotion list" of products on sale that may interest them: what the customer truly wants to be offered. A tool that is elegant, user-friendly, and fun to explore, Joya is also lightweight and ergonomic. Equipped with a color display and polyphonic sound, it can download advertisements, recipes, jingles, and even games for the younger shoppers from special stations located along the aisles.