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Press Releases

Press Releases

Joya from Datalogic doubles up in Belgium

6 July 2009 - Two new stores in Belgium are flying the Joya flag. During the last week of June the revolutionary pod from Datalogic was introduced in the Carrefour Hyper in Bierges, a store covering 8,700 m². and in the Lier hypermarket, which covers 5,000 m². The "emotional and interactive shopping" experience is a privilege reserved for the most loyal customers, who can use their "Carrefour Bonus Card" to enjoy one of the 150 Joya pods available in the Bierges hypermarket or the 99 installed in Lier. All the pods are customized with a Carrefour cover and let customers access the "selfSCAN" service.

With this handy small "navigator", shopping instantly becomes a pleasant adventure, in which making your purchases is no longer simply a tedious task on your daily schedule. With Joya, customers become the active centre of a shopping experience that is now intelligent and wastes no time.

It only takes a few simple steps and you're ready: just hold the pod near the barcode on each product and the screen will instantly display the product features and price along with the updated total for all purchases.
And it gets better. After placing items in their carts and going to one of the checkouts in the store, customers can simply hand the Joya pod to the cashier, who will automatically print the receipt, and there's no need to place the products on the conveyor belt.

The advantages are clear for customers, who can test-drive a modern new way to shop, a true "shopping experience" that informs users in real time about what's in their carts and helps optimize every minute they spend in the store. These benefits guarantee an effective advantage for Carrefour, setting it apart from the competition and helping build customer loyalty.

"With selfSCAN, Carrefour is taking a straightforward and open-minded approach to customer needs by giving shoppers more information and by paying closer attention to the price-quality ratio, helping to avoid waste," explains Luigi Frison, Marketing Manager for Datalogic Mobile EBS. "Joya puts a real ‘personal shopper' in customers' hands, making them the protagonists of what has become a truly interactive shopping experience."

These two events confirm an increasingly solid relationship between Carrefour Belgium and Datalogic. The collaboration began two years ago with the introduction of Shopevolution, and is now looking to the future with Joya. The partnership is focused on developing optimal and innovative solutions that fit each client and serve retailers.

It's yet another success for Datalogic, helping solidify the leadership position it has carved out for itself, with more than 300 stores installed, including Italy (Coop, Conad, Carrefour, Auchan, Esselunga, Lombardini, Despar, Finiper and E.Leclerc Conad), France (Groupe Casino, ATAC and Carrefour), and Belgium (Carrefour Belgium and Delhaize Group). This further demonstrates the importance of understanding the market and customers, as well as a strong inclination to innovation for constant and on-going growth.