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Press Releases

Press Releases

Kyman™: another mobile computer joins Datalogic Mobile’s Windows Mobile® 6.0 family

Bologna, 01 July 2008 – Kyman™, Datalogic Mobile’s most rugged mobile computer, is now equipped with the Professional version of the Windows Mobile 6 Operating System, becoming the perfect choice for applications in the increasingly demanding warehouse and field force automation markets.

Kyman™ with Windows Mobile 6 goes along with the already appreciated PDAs Datalogic Jet™ and Pegaso™, further extending Datalogic Mobile’s family of devices that integrate the new Microsoft Operating System for mobile communications.

The new Kyman™ models embedded with the Windows Mobile 6 Operating System represent the best solution to satisfy all the needs of the market in terms of mobile communication, interoperability, development and third party application compatibility.

Thanks to Windows Mobile 6, the Kyman™ supports all types of e-mail access through the use of Outlook Mobile as well as all types of mobile communication, including VOIP. This mobile computer is still compatible with all Windows Mobile 5 applications, but it now also includes all the Microsoft Office Mobile applications, such as Word, Excel and Power Point Mobile. At the same time, Kyman™ Windows Mobile 6 maintains the same winning features of the Windows CE models in terms of robustness, environmental protection and internal architecture.

The new Windows Mobile 6 mobile computers family, confirms Datalogic Mobile’s top position in the mobile computing global sector with its portfolio of devices capable of meeting all logistics needs, such as field force automation and warehousing applications.

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