Lase platform

The innovative Lase platform derives from the long experience in the production of high performance and high quality DPSS laser sources. The V-Lase source @1064nm, the Green-Lase @532 nm and the UV-Lase @355 nm  all use the state-of-the-art End Pumped Coupling Technology, which represents the leading-edge solution in the field of laser sources.
The Lase platform laser source are available in the OEM and OEM Marker versions.
The platform is characterized by a compact, standard rack (suitable to fit in a 19” rack), the continuous and precise power control. Moreover  special attention has been dedicated to safety aspects.
The  Lase platform offers lasers with excellent beam quality, high peak power, short pulse width. The operator has the ability to precisely tune the power and pulse repetition rate. Elevated brilliance in the laser spot, at longer focal lengths, makes the Lase platform ideal for marking a broad range of materials even when a large marking field is required.
 Designed for 24/7 demanding processes, the Lase platform allows unparalleled performance, thus finding suitable applications both in direct part marking and in label marking in every market segments such as automotive, solar & electronics, packaging as well as in medical surgical  tools marking & other applications.
The Lase platform extends drastically the possibility of connection between the laser source and the operative system. The communication with the system is enabled by RS232, RS485, and Ethernet. In addition Lase platform also has an I/O for the connection of the TTL and analogical signals.
The industry-standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces make the connection and the communication between the laser source and the control software extremely simple. All information about measurements, alarms and commands pass through the RS232 and RS485 interfaces.
Ethernet is the ideal connectivity solution in industrial environment especially when remote plant or production line control is required.