LB series 1/16 din analogue controllers

The analogue controllers of the LB series have been specifically designed to guarantee simple and immediate use, with optimal performances in all temperature control applications.

The setting of the operating point is obtained by means of a knob on the scale graduated from 0 to 100, 200, 250, 300, 500 °C, according to the model with indications of the values also in °F. Different versions are available with input for Pt100 resistance temperature detectors and for J type Iron-Constantan thermocouples.

The control action can be set as proportional or on/off by a jumper on the connection; the output is with a changeover relay and the power supply is 115/230 Vac.

The dimensions, in the standard 48x48 mm format, are extremely compact and the mounting can be on panel using the fixing bracket supplied, or inside cabinet on a DIN rail socket.