LDµ series µP based sensors with UV led emission

The LDµ luminescence sensors emit ultraviolet light and detect only visible light converted and reflected from fluorescent objects or marks, independent from the background's colour and surface.

A microprocessor controls and synchronises the emission, reception and output circuits offering a completely automatic setting. The LDµ sensors can reach a 75 mm operating distance and a 2 kHz switching frequency, thanks to the UV High-Power emission. Focusing lenses and special fibre-optics able to replace the lens are available as accessories.

The LDµ sensors are used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to identify labels on glass phials or  bottles; in the wood and ceramic selection lines; in automatic packaging to detect paper and fluorescent glues; in the textile industry to identify cutting guides; in the mechanical industry to verify the presence of paints or fluorescent lubricants.