Lighter & iMark marking kit

DLA  marking kit provides integrators and final users a way to easily interact with the laser marking systems. The kit consists of two components: a PCI electronic board (iMarkPCI) that provides control signals to the laser and a software Lighter that provides a graphical user interface to create marking layouts and automate the laser marking process trough integration with legacy systems.
Lighter software offers an easy user interface. In fact the  graphical editor is capable of creating and editing text strings, shapes, barcodes (e.g. 128, EAN/UPC, 2/5, 3/9, GS1-128, RSS) and matrix codes (Datamatrix, QR codes, micro QR codes). It can also import logos in vectorial formats such as PLT and DXF, as well as in bitmap formats such as BMP and JPG.
Lighter marking kit guarantees key advanced marking software functions and applications such as:

  • Marking on fly
  • Array marking
  • Grey tones marking
  • Mechanical axis control (X, Y, Z)
  • Rotating Axis control

Lighter is scriptable. This means that it can be easily integrated with legacy systems trough a wide range of combinations of transmission media (RS232, ETH,  …), protocols (FTP, SMB, XML, …) and architectures (master/slave, client/server, ...).
No specific tool or software development environment is necessary to build such integrations as everything is provided into Lighter trough a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
Lighter is extensible: its scripting features can be extended trough custom-developed plug-ins to deal with specific integration-related issues (custom components or protocols, patent protected algorithms etc.).