Memor™: The pocket sized mobile computer from Datalogic Mobile expands into Field Force Automation

Bologna, 9 June 2009 – Datalogic Mobile announces the availability of Memor™, its powerful pocket size mobile solution for Field Force Automation. Memor™, a compact and light weight mobile computer, maximizes its form factor for ease of use and convenience without compromising durability.

The Memor™ packs technology into a shirt pocket sized computer excelling in Field Force environments where ruggedness, ease of use, processing power, and real time data transfers are critical. The combination of Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, an imaging bar code scanner, cellular communications, plenty of memory and processor power make Memor™ the tool of choice for delivery, service, sales, replenishment, and merchandising applications.

The GSM radio using Edge data compression provides a broadband cellular connection for voice and data enabling real time transactions. Mobile workers stay connected to the enterprise data communication and on demand contact. Built in signature capture functionality is ideal for delivery verification and transaction recording; image capture features Memor™ let workers show others what they see for trouble shooting in the field, or damaged container recording. This mobile computer extends its power with a Bluetooth wireless device manager. Trouble free connections can be established with GPS receivers for route planning, printers for receipts, and headsets for hands free communication.

“The Memor™ has been a runaway success for Datalogic Mobile, easily exceeding our expectations. The next generation version anticipates how the Memor™ can be used in Field Force Automation. Feedback from our partners on this approach has been tremendous. We look forward to seeing how this new device’s convergence of technology pairs with their solutions to deliver unprecedented value to our end customers.” David Paufler, Datalogic Mobile Senior Product Manager.