Memor™: The smallest of the Datalogic Mobile computers expands into new markets

Bologna, 9 June 2009 – Datalogic Mobile announces that its powerful pocket sized mobile solution, the Memor™, now includes new state of the art features. Aimed at users who prefer a small device, the newly updated Memor™ mobile computer maximizes a compact and light weight form factor for ease of use and shirt pocket convenience without compromising durability. The Memor™ now includes the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, an imaging bar code scanner, a cellular radio, increased memory and a higher speed processor making it the solution of choice for both Retail and Field Force Automation environments.

Already well accepted in Retail, the Memor™ with increased memory and faster processor expands the number of applications that can be tackled simultaneously. Imaging capability provides a method to capture information related to produce traceability for fresh goods. This technology also applies to Pharmacies requiring a method of counterfeit protection and lot traceability for expensive medications. Both of the Memor™ scanning technologies fully support GS1 DataBar™, the new reduced space bar code symbology.

Thanks to this mobile computer, retail store associates can rely on the highest possible speed and accuracy to complete inventory and accountability activities along with communications tasks in the shortest possible time. The Memor™ CCXv4 certification from Cisco ensures these transactions are not only effortless but secure. Paired with Wavelink Communicator, push to talk voice capability brings the retail store manager closer to store floor personnel for solving immediate problems and directing last minute activities.

The new Memor™ provides an option for use in Field Force Automation applications with the combination of the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, an imaging bar code scanner, and a cellular radio. These technologies form an easy to use tool for courier, service and sales purposes including communication with the home office.

In fact a GSM radio using Edge data compression provides a broadband cellular connection for voice and data enabling real time transactions, problem communication and on demand contact with field personnel. Signature and image capture capabilities provide methods for delivery verification. The Bluetooth® wireless device manager extends the functionality of the Memor™with easy pairing to GPS receivers for route planning, printers for receipts and headsets for hands free use.

“The Memor™ has been a runaway success for Datalogic Mobile, easily exceeding our expectations. The next generation version aims to satisfy customer requests for new functionality in the Retail market while anticipating how the Memor™ can be used in Field Force Automation. Feedback from our partners on this approach has been tremendous. We look forward to seeing how this new device’s convergence of technology pairs with their solutions to deliver unprecedented value to our end customers.” David Paufler, Datalogic Mobile Senior Product Manager.