Memor™: The smallest of the Datalogic Mobile tackles emerging Retail requirements

Bologna, 9 June 2009 – Datalogic Mobile announces new versions of its powerful pocket size mobile solution, the Memor™, for Retail in Store. Memor™ features maximize a compact form factor for ease of use and convenience without compromising durability.

Memor's™ increased memory and faster processor give retailers the extra power they need to tackle multiple applications simultaneously. High performance 2D imaging capabilities provide data capture in challenging environments such as produce and pharmacy. This picture based technology enables the traceability of fresh goods. In the pharmacy, where drug safety is paramount, Memor's™ scanning technology protects against counterfeit medications and reduces prescription filling errors.

Datalogic Mobile implemented retail specific features into the Memor™ for data capture and security. Memor™ fully supports the GS1 DataBar™. This new retail focused, reduced space, bar code symbology is taking affect January 2010. Payment card processing security is assured with the RF communications that are CCXv4 certified by Cisco.

Full support of VOIP push to talk technology as provided by products like Wavelink Communicator™ makes Memor™ a perfect retail tool. Retail staff can communicate, inventory, change prices, process payments, and much more with one powerful tool, the Memor™.

“The Memor™ has been a runaway success for Datalogic Mobile in Retail, easily exceeding our expectations. The next generation version aims to satisfy customer requests for new functionality in the Retail market. We look forward to seeing how this new device’s convergence of technology meets the demands of our customers.” David Paufler, Datalogic Mobile Senior Product Manager.