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Press Releases

Press Releases

New Memor™: All in one, Everywhere

Bologna, 14 September 2009 - Memor™, the new pocket sized mobile computer has shown an impressive success among different applications around the world.

Datalogic Mobile Partners throughout the world are now signing important contracts with some of the larger retailers. They all agree saying "this new all in one device is incredible, able to meet the most demanding requirements within the retail environment".

The reasons of this success are in the new Memor's compact ergonomics. Memor™ perfectly fits the retail needs of a small, light weight, user friendly device able to offer all the features required to operate in the retail environment. This pocket size mobile computer is a complete solution offering new critical features including Edge connectivity and Windows Mobile operating system.

The Edge mobile radio provides broadband cellular connection for voice and data communication. The Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system reduces training requirements using common Windows' interfaces and tools, like Visual Studio 2008. Moreover, the XScale™ micro processor is the fastest available in mobile devices of this class.

A complete set of mobility accessories are available: the Powered Vehicle Dock and Cigarette Lighter Adapter keep the Memor™ charged on the road. A custom Soft Case offers a versatile solution for keeping your Memor™ within arms reach throughout the day. These accessories give the Memor™ freedom to roam with you almost anywhere.

The new Memor™ is ready to conquer the world of mobility: inside or outside the four walls. Memor™ provides the voice and data communication options to meet every business need.