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Press Releases

Press Releases

New winning features for the Skorpio™ and Skorpio-GUN™

Bologna, 29 June 2009 – Datalogic Mobile is pleased to announce that the Skorpio™ and Skorpio-GUN™ product Lines now boast important new features, to further expand their success and meet even more  requirements, particularly in the Retail sector.

Skorpio™ and Skorpio-GUN™ now have the option of a Windows Mobile 6.1 Operating System, alongside the current Windows CE 5.0 versions. Windows Mobile 6.1 ensures that the new Skorpio™ and Skorpio-GUN™  benefit from the latest and most advanced Windows features. Mobile tools including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer, as well as enhanced security through provisioning and trust levels, help to meet the needs of both retail store managers and retail store staff. Providing a device that supports all the different everyday activities, typical of the retail environment.

The Skorpio™ and Skorpio-GUN™ are already recognized in the Retail-in-Store market for their distinctive ergonomics, best-in-class robustness and architecture, but now Datalogic Mobile offers a solution to those Retailers who specifically require  Windows Mobile, as part of their IT infrastructure.

Though particularly suitable for retail environments, Skorpio™ and Skorpio-GUN™ with Windows Mobile 6.1 are now the perfect choice for warehousing applications too, so whenever an IT department shows a preference for a standardized device across the business, Skorpio™ and Skorpio-GUN™ have the answer!

Aiming to meet another specific Retail-in-Store need, Skorpio™ and Skorpio-GUN™ now offer a simplified numeric keyboard with only 28 number keys. These new keyboards are designed for maximum ease of use, in simple applications when users need fewer keys, but specific functions and where numeric data is the primary input. The 28 keys include four dedicated function keys; four intuitive navigation keys and a phone like numeric layout, whilst a standard simplified numeric overlay is available for customers who concentrate on numeric-only input.

Furthermore, the Skorpio™ and Skorpio-GUN™ can still resist 300 random tumbles from 1 m, combined with the capability to survive 5 ft./1.5 m drops to concrete.  Making these devices the best-in-class rugged, mobile computers available.

Finally, Datalogic Mobile is pleased to announce the launch of three new single cradle options for the Skorpio™ and Skorpio-GUN™ which offer greater flexibility, a smaller foot print and a great design. Featuring USB/RS232, Ethernet/USB and modem communication/RS232 respectively, each of these charging cradles provide charge for a single device and an additional port to recharge a spare battery – reducing operator downtime and maximising user productivity.