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Press Releases

Press Releases

NVS9000™: the revolutionary camera system by Datalogic Automation

Datalogic Automation introduces the NVS9000 camera system that will change the benchmark in terms of performance, cost of ownership, ease of use and mounting requirements.

Datalogic is pleased to announce the availability of the new high-end vision system NVS9000. This new camera system has been designed to dramatically improve the overall system throughput in large couriers and postal distribution centres. At the same time the NVS9000 provides the simplest integration, the easiest installation and highest industrial reliability with a very low total cost of investment and ownership .

NVS9000™ features a high quality image detection with extended depth of field on large conveyors up to 1400mm (55”) width. The outstanding dynamic performance, up to 4.8 m/s, combined with a new fast autofocus system, guarantees excellent reading capabilities on high speed conveyors also with very small gaps between parcels.

NVS9000 can be easily mechanically integrated thanks to its patented pulsed lighting feature that dramatically reduces the overall system dimensions. The NVS9000 can be associated with dimensioning and scale systems for revenue recovery application and it's ready to be integrated with OCR and Videocoding software to improve overall reading capability.

Maintenance is simple and fast thanks to a plug and play concept introduced for every replaceable part. Moreover, preventive maintenance is dramatically helped by the Datalogic WebSentinel supervisor software that provides diagnostics, statistics and email alerts activation anywhere and anytime.

The automatically regulated light intensity with minimized power consumption, a solid state integrated decoder, and an active filter-free backup fan establish the overall system reliability. Moreover, the rugged metal construction, IP65 protection and max operative temperature of 50° make NVS9000 the ideal solution even in harsh environments.