Odysseum Montpellier: Groupe Casino and Joya in a “new shiny and commercial world”, the only in Europe

7th October 2009 - A really excellent shop-window was won by Datalogic Mobile in September, 2009 at Géant Casino Odysseum hypermarket in Montpellier. Datalogic Mobile, world leader in barcode readers and self-shopping solutions, reinforces already solid partnership between Groupe Casino and ShopevolutionTM, self-shopping solution, designed for the retail world and customer satisfaction increase.

The new features of Shopevolution, based on the technological innovations of CIT (branch of Group Casino Informatic) and the new Géant Casino requirements, have contributed to make faster and easier the "shopping experience", declared Clémence Quelennec, Cash Trades & Services Manager - Géant Casino.

Situated near the shiny zone including the Végapolis ice-skating rink, Galilée planetarium, Gaumont multy-hall cinema and Mare Nostrum aquarium, Géant Casino Odysseum is the lastest hypermarket of Casino Group in France. Deep strategic transformation of Géant Casino: commercial dynamics particularly developed in food sector with a strong presence of Casino brand products, known for their excellent value for money, reinforced promotions and offers in non-food sectors, especially promotions for textile, house and free time departments. Organized in thematic areas, the hypermarket has wide departments dedicated to the organic and local products, dietary and beauty goods..

In that context Joya, a new generation POD, facilitates shopping, allowing the customers to read personally the barcodes on the goods they choose and representing a new way of living shopping.

The benefits of this small personal multimedia shopper - there are 210 terminals at disposal for the customers - are numerous thanks to its innovative functions:
Personalized shopping list: the customers can insert their own personalized shopping list directly on the Géant Casino web site (www.Geantcasino.fr); this list will be automatically displayed with Joya during the shopping, rendering goods research easier and faster.

The hypermarket promotions: at the beginning and during the shopping the customer is automatically and at his own discretion informed about store promotions by means of multimedia marketing messages sent to Joya he uses for shopping.

Payment & Checkout: an innovative and smart shopping audit ensures a faster checkout and an outstanding client service.

"Datalogic is happy to contribute with "Joya" to the ‘Source d'Energie' of the Odysseum trade centre", declares Luigi Frison, Marketing Manager at Datalogic Mobile EBS. "This new hypermarket contributes to reinforce the partnership between Groupe Casino and Datalogic, the partnership that has been also proved by new services projected and realised by our team for more and more satisfied customers".