Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases

On line from 10 September 2008 the new Corporate web site of the Datalogic Group, positioned among the world leaders in the field of Automatic Data Capture.

Bologna,  September 10, 2008 – On line from 10 September 2008, in English and Italian, the new Datalogic site ( has been created with the intention of meeting the most modern technological requirements, characterized by a particular attention to content, all in a graphically inspiring context.

Our people and technology aim to bring the future into daily life, a duty our company has assumed since its birth in 1972. This is the message that Datalogic wants to launch from the pages of its new site, offering itself as a key partner in our daily lives, to connect the physical world of actions and logistics to the virtual world of information.

The necessary attention to the technical aspects and the desire not to neglect the emotional - which emerges clearly in the choice of the mood and the graphic elements used- join in a portal rich in content, providing different levels of in-depth information, all constantly updated.

Numerous web pages retrace the history of our company. Many are dedicated to the Datalogic brand, a widely recognized and reliable trade mark, appreciated all over the world. We point out the innovative solutions that the companies in the group offer customers and we pay great attention to our employees, which we consider a fundamental resource.

The site responds to the needs of shareholders and stakeholders too, providing financial information and documents easily found in the specific areas of 'Investor Relations' and the 'Media Center'. In this context as well, we point out the RSS service for financial news.

From the technical and structural point of view, the site was created by Hotminds. For the creative and graphic part we relied on SDB advertising.