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Press Releases

Press Releases

QUICK LINK new series of connectivity modules: robustness, ease of use and flexibility


Datalogic Automation is pleased to announce the addition of 3 new models to Quick Link series. QLM500 QLM600 and QLM700 are active connectivity modules for Datalogic Automation Identification products (DS2000, DS4000 and Matrix series), acting as gateway to Ethernet (QLM500), Profibus (QLM600) and Profinet (QLM700).

These 3 models introduce new features into the Quick Link series to strengthen robustness, ease of use and flexibility:

  • IP65, ruggedized metal enclosure and easy installation

  • All M12 metal connectors for power, trigger, I/O, clustering (ID-NET) and set-up

  • Double fieldbus port (2xM12)

  • Quick replacement (Back-up memory included)

QLMs find their main application with automated warehouse, conveyor systems and shop floor general manufacturing (especially Automotive) to meet the needs for

  • standard and quick interfacing connection (using pre-assembled M12 cables)

  • high level of integration and control through fieldbus networking

  • allowing clustering connectivity (ID-NET)


The availability of two fieldbus ports allows cascading devices without the need of any external active devices (like Ethernet switches) or costly T-connectors (in case of Profibus), thus providing additional value to customers.

QLM500 QLM 600 and QLM700, being based on the same technologies as BMs modules (used as options with CBX500), work exactly like BMs modules: existing PLC drivers and application written for BMs can be re-used as is for QLMs.



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