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Press Releases

Press Releases

Red Market and Datalogic revolutionize the Customer Shopping Experience

Düsseldorf, February 28, 2011 - At the recent Euroshop 2011, the Red Market business has been presented with the "Best Customer Experience" award for its innovative concept store, with 100% self-scanning by Datalogic.
Reta Europe Awards by EHI Retail Institute is an annual event that takes place in Düsseldorf, recognizing the quality and merit of companies for IT solutions in retail.

EHI is a scientific institution specializing in retail. The 550 EHI members include international retail companies and their associations, consumer goods producers, and providers of various services.

IT plays a crucial role in the retail sector and its quality has a significant influence on the business process. The award presented to Red Market is very significant for Datalogic, as it has contributed to the new "concept store" with its self-scanning solution for shopping (Shopevolution and Joya shopper pod).
The Red Market stores provide easy and quick shopping with low prices, discounts and promotions, without the need of a loyalty card. Red Market has developed an innovative and unique Customer Experience with Shopevolution, the self-scanning software application from Datalogic, which is based on Java architecture that is completely database independent, multi-language and easily integrated into any front-office and loyalty system.

The customer reads bar codes of various products with the Joya pod, checking the prices, promotions, number of bought items and total amount of purchase on the color display.

Chosen products can be stored directly in bags inside the trolley and, once the checkout is reached, the customer needs to simply hand Joya to the cashier, who prints out the receipt without the need to put the goods on conveyer, this system ensures considerable time savings for both customers and store operators.

"Red Market aims to meet all the needs of its customers" - said Luigi Frison, EBS Manager at Datalogic Mobile. "Customers appreciate the innovative Customer Experience at Red Market also because these very stores are located in very specific areas where the range, price and speed of shopping are very important."