Revolutionary Data Capture Solutions at Equipmag 2012

Datalogic ADC brought a vision for the future of retail checkout to Equipmag 2012 in Paris. During the three days of the exhibition from September 11 to 13, Datalogic demonstrated how this vision becomes reality by showcasing revolutionary data capture solutions that re-invent retail checkout.


Using Datalogic’s breakthrough high performance imaging technology and patented visual pattern recognition software, the company drives new products that redefine the performance and speed of high volume checkout. Hundreds of demonstrations were made at Datalogic ADC’s stand during the exhibition to an audience of impressed customers.


Other innovative data capture solutions were on display at Equipmag as well. The new Skorpio™ X3 mobile computer dedicated to store warehousing and retail store automation and the new Touch™ TD1100 linear imager reader were attention grabbers. Some of Datalogic ADC’s upcoming PDA and hand-held reader solutions were also previewed to the delight of visitors.