S2 series Multi-Function sensors

The photoelectric sensors of the S2 series are enclosed in sturdy plastic housings, developed to guarantee the complete protection of the control panel and connection terminals. 

The free voltage versions present a relay output, while the 10-30 Vdc versions have a double NPN and PNP output, both available with 1 or 2 m proximity, 5 m polarised retroreflex, 3 m polarised retroreflex  and 10 or 50 m through beam optic functions.

The red output LED and the green stability LED are visible through the IP66 hermetically-sealed cover, that also protects the terminal block and commands, such as the sensitivity adjustment trimmer and dark/light operating mode selector.

The versions with output timing present a trimmer to regulate the time up to 16 s. and a selector to set 5 different functions.