S300 series, the new frontier of MAXI sensors

Datalogic Automation introduces the new S300 series, advanced line of photoelectric sensors in a MAXI shape, the suitable solution for critical applications thanks to the excellent performances and resistance to the hard conditions of use.

The new S300 series offers a wide range of models and optical functions, a product thought to meet the Customer’s needs, in which details were deeply accurate in order to let the product easy to use and install.

The new S300 series is available in 4 different models with through beam optical function up to 60m, polarized retroreflex at 20m, diffused proximity at 3m and background suppression at 2,5m.

All the models are available both Vdc from 10 to 30V and Vac/Vdc free-voltage from 24 to 240 V versions, also available with timing function version and with both the SPDT relay and the bipolar transistor NPN/PNP open collector outputs.

The terminal block connection simplifies and speeds up the installation procedure, the heavy-duty plastic housing guarantees an excellent resistance under hard condition of use.