Sagitta: high power laser

The SagittaTM laser sources – 60 & 80 W- is a more powerful evolution of the state-of-the-art DPSS laser family.
The simple end-pumped architecture assures the high reliability and availability required by the standards of many industrial applications.
The high electro-optic efficiency of the Sagitta TM allows low electrical power consumption with a reduction in the footprint for the cooling element. This high efficiency also allows to reduce aging of the diode laser for long life applications.
The laser resonator is designed specifically for marking, engraving and thin gauge cutting applications by optimizing beam quality for higher processing power and speed.
SagittaTM lasers integration into production lines or complete systems is extremely simple. The power supply rack comes complete with hardware features required to be easily interfaced with external components to build a turn-key system.
Replacing the laser diode module is extremely simple: all you need is an allen wrench.
SagittaTM is often required for precision marking applications on components such as surgical instruments, tools, ball bearings, etc. Using 100 and 160 focal length objectives, SagittaTM is able to engrave metals with extremely high material removal capacity. The high power density laser beam, combined with the high speed of the scanning head, allows fast, deep engraving on metals.
The beam quality resulting from the design philosophy also makes the SagittaTM High Power (80W) an interesting tool for precision cutting of thin metal sheet, including high reflective materials such as silver and gold.
This high power laser also meets demanding applications in precise trimming on different type of materials.