SC4000: the industrial controller to high speed data collection

Datalogic Automation introduces the SC4000, an industrial controller designed for high speed data collection in an ID-NET™ network of Datalogic Automation’s 1D/2D code readers

Datalogic Automation presents the new industrial controller named SC4000. This new addition offers high communication performance, excellent connectivity and advanced software tools for monitoring and control of data collection networks.
Through SC4000, a multi-station reading can be realized in a very simple way. The SC4000 unit collects data, monitors the status of the ID-NETâ„¢ network and provides statistics.

A large number of communication interfaces are provided to satisfy all the most common demands.
Three standard serial interfaces, always available, can be combined with a complete range of optional modules providing connectivity to standard Ethernet TCP/IP network or to the most common fieldbus systems.

SC4000 allows complete monitoring of the network status, immediately providing useful information about performance and malfunctioning to users as well as to Datalogic WebSentinelâ„¢, the new surveillance software solution for the total remote control and monitoring of the readers.

SC4000 is easily programmed through Geniusâ„¢, the multi-language SW configuration tool that helps that helps to automate and speed up the complete network configuration and calibration.

SC4000 is equipped with a keypad, multi-language display and rugged industrial housing resistant to harsh environments.