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Press Releases

Press Releases

Self-Shopping Experience in Europe thanks to Datalogic: new commercial agreements have been finalised in Denmark, Rumania and Estonia, which enable top retailers to offer their customers cutting-edge and efficient systems to make shopping fun, easy, personal and above all fast!

Bologna, April 18th, 2011 – Datalogic Group, a leader on the market of bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, RFID and vision systems, through the business unit “Enterprise Business Solutions” continues to develop internationally on the retail market, especially on that of self-shopping.

Thanks to the solutions offered by Datalogic, retailers across the world are able to provide their customers with cutting-edge and efficient systems that make shopping fun, easy, personal and above all fast. To better explain, customers are able to scan the various products using bar code scanners, view the price and the number of items purchased on the colour display as well as the total cost of what they have bought and then hand everything over to the cashier, saving a considerable amount of time.

Datalogic’s leadership on this market is confirmed by numerous agreements finalised with major European enterprises in the relevant industry, such as Auchan, Carrefour, Coop and Conad, just to mention a few.

Fortified by such expertise, Datalogic is able to acquire important shares of the market also in emerging countries and to finalize strategic agreements throughout Europe, such as that with Selver in Estonia, INCO in Denmark and Mega Image, a company of Delhaize Group in Rumania.

Among these enterprises, worth pointing out is the partnership with Nixor EE, Estonia (a company specialising in POS devices), which has decided to renew its Selver supermarket in Tallinn, with the self-shopping solution ShopevolutionTM by Datalogic. Selver is not only one of the biggest chains of supermarkets and hypermarkets – 35 points of sale throughout the country – but it is the first retailer in Estonia to offer its customers the self-shopping service.

Thanks to Datalogic, customers can now use one of the Joya+ pods available inside the supermarket and thus access the service independently, saving time and queues.

Success for Datalogic continues in Denmark too. INCO, a leader in the Cash&Carry industry, after 6 years has decided to renew the Fast Track service, installing the new shopper pod Joya+, equipped with touch screen, Bluetooth and even more. A choice that has enabled INCO to hold its leadership in the country, always astride of times.

An important agreement has been finalized also in Rumania, where, following success of the first 5 points of sale installed by Red Market, Belgium (a company that was recently awarded by the Retail Institute in the “Best Customer Experience” category, thanks to Datalogic), Mega Image, a company of Delhaize Group, has decided to work alongside Datalogic to launch the self-scanning system in a pilot concept store. Mega Image is the biggest chain of supermarkets in Bucharest, with a total of 74 stores. The chosen store of 550 square meters in Bucharest utilizes Datalogic scanners, with which consumers can commence their pleasurable and personal shopping experience.

For these agreements finalized, a total of about 300 terminals have been supplied to the three retailers.