SG4-B series type 4 safeasy™ safety light curtains with the best performance/cost ratio

The new SG4-B SAFEasy safety light curtains enlarges the existing range of SG light curtains and represents an evolution of the SE4 PLUS line, offering a Type 4 safety device for hand protection with base functions. The new light curtains are ideal for applications that do not require complementary functions such as muting, cascade and blanking.

The new SG4-B series has been developed especially to ease:

  • Installation (new TOP-BOTTOM rotating fixing brackets to ease alignment)
  • Connection (use of standard connectors, no connection between the emitter and receiver units)
  • Configuration (no external control units and/or supplementary cables necessary)
  • Use (alignment guided by the double display present on both units)

The response times and operating distances have been improved with respect to the SE4 PLUS series, positioning the new SG4-B lights curtains at the top of the market.