SG4 FIELDBUS: New Safety Light Curtain with OpenSAFETY showcased at SPS IPC Drives


At SPS IPC Drives 2016, Datalogic will present SG4 FIELDBUS, the first safety light curtain with integrated OpenSAFETY protocol over a POWERLINK network. Adding the POWERLINK interface to the field tested SG4 light curtains platform, this new light curtain will be easy to integrate in networks and will communicate seamlessly with Safety Programmable Controllers through OpenSAFETY protocol. With finger, hand and body protection resolutions, SG4 FIELDBUS will be ideal for a variety of industries, such as food & beverage, packaging, machine tools, warehouses, wood, ceramics. The realization of SG4 FIELDBUS is the result of the cooperation between Datalogic and B&R Automation.