Software Upgrade for NVS9000: V4 Release

We are pleased to announce that starting on Jan. 31st 2012, all NVS will be equipped with a new software release - version V4 - featuring some important improvements:

New, enhanced decoding libraries

The decoding libraries engine has been optimized in order to lower decoding time on several 1D families, Datamatrix and QR Code as well as improved to support state-of-the-art reading performances with low contrast and low height codes.

Volume estimation

It is now possible to obtain parcels volume and position estimation (minimum surrounding cuboids) by using the information from height barriers and side positioning sensors. This feature is not intended to replace dimensioner functionality - it is neither legal for trade nor reaching dimensioners’ accuracy, the total error on each linear dimensions being ±25 (mm).
This feature always requires the installation of the full sensors kit.

Advanced Image Cropping

Cropping images before saving them is very important to reduce image processing and transmission times. In the past single-side cameras couldn’t crop saved images.
This feature always requires the installation of the full sensors kit.
We would like to draw your attention on the importance of improved decoding libraries: this creates new selling opportunities for Tire Sorting. Given the importance of this market – where Datalogic Automation has a leading position - we encourage you to carefully read the attached document, in order to understand how NVS9000 succesfully complement STS400 solution.