Specific tools for every need

Dear Customers and Partners,
recently, it occurred to me to visit a leading global courier that chose our Matrix™ imagers for its facilities.
Walking along the impressive installation and listening from the real voice of the Customer about the needs we were able to fulfill, I had mixed feelings – pride , of course, but above all a sense of “doing the right thing”.

Yes, because we strongly focus on our Customers, and we work harder and harder to understand how they work and how we can best meet their requirements, in order to provide complete solutions and establish long lasting strong partnership.

This is why we do not  limit our portfolio to any single technology. Datalogic Automation’s real strength lies in its wide range of products and technologies – from traditional laser barcode scanners, to last generation imagers.
Our answer, the “mix” we offer to the market, is different each time and depends upon the unique combination of different elements, such as the application environment and context, the required service, the available technologies and the expected ROI among the others.

Thanks for having inspired us, every day, for 40 years.

Gian Paolo