Stay Connected with Datalogic Mobile: Join us on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube

Bologna, November 16, 2009 - Datalogic Mobile is happy to announce its membership in the social networks Facebook, Linked In and YouTube. Now members of these websites can become a fan or member of the Datalogic Mobile Group by just clicking a button.


The Web has brought social networking to new levels with Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. These social networks provide members with the opportunity to create personal profiles and share information with a broad audience of personal contacts, which is in continuous expansion. Today, millions of people communicate and make new contacts on a daily basis using Facebook and LinkedIn, while viewing videos regarding any and all subjects on YouTube.


Datalogic Mobile decided to join these social networks to offer an inside look at its global community. The company can provide the latest news and information on its products, services and applications, as well as receive feedback. By becoming a fan or member of the Datalogic Mobile Group, one can watch company videos, learn about new products and applications and express his/her views on these subjects and on anything else having to do with the company. The social networks provide a perfect instrument for keeping in touch with Datalogic Mobile in a fast, easy and interactive way.


Gian Paolo Fedrigo, CEO of Datalogic Mobile commented on the company's presence in these websites, "Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are great ways for us at Datalogic Mobile to interact with the web community. We are sure that this method of communication will contribute to our future success."