STS400™ - Solutions for Tire Sorting

Datalogic Automation is glad to announce the availability of STS400™, the Reading Solution for Tires Sorting based on the new powerful MATRIX 410™.

STS400™ is a turnkey solution, designed with the goal to be extremely cost-effective: it delivers top reading performance and robustness while pre-sales and post-sales costs are reduced at the very minimum level. 
Thanks to the full factory assembly and setup, STS400™ makes simpler than ever the final integration into the sorting system, so making a real cut of installation costs and requirements.

STS400™ is also simplicity in the offering: it means jumping in one shot from the application requirements to a single ordering number, the one of the complete reading solution!

Datalogic Automation expects to consolidate the leadership in this area, also extending the already long list of success cases with the top worldwide Tires Manufactures.
In line with the purpose, a complete worldwide map of tires manufactures, divided by area, has been developed and now available for the Sales Force.