The best technological solutions of Datalogic Mobile and its partner NeXT will be role leaders at the eightieth edition of the “1000 Miglia”, the traditional and enthralling 1000-mile vintage car race, to take place on the 13th – 17th May

Bologna, Italy, May 2009 - Thanks to the technology developed by NeXT and Datalogic Mobile, the forthcoming edition of the "1000 Miglia" race - which is a unique symbol worldwide of the amazing passion for cars, experienced as an adventure, excitement and discovery - will indeed offer all participants a priceless and innovative service aimed at guaranteeing their safety and the consequent rapid and optimum management of all types of emergency.

NeXT, a partner of Datalogic Mobile, will indeed install an "On Board Unit (OBU) on all the vintage cars taking part in the race, thanks to which the car's location can be traced in real time, following its route and performance directly from the website

In order to manage all the consignment, installation, control, removal, assessment and storage operations of all the OBUs throughout the race quickly and error-free, NeXT has developed a solution based on the Datalogic Memor™ system- the cutting edge pocket-size Mobile Computer with Windows technology and laser reader - that identifies the OBUs by automatically capturing the serial number, by reading the bar code, and integrates the information with the data input using the touch screen display.

The information sent in real time from all the OBUs is processed by NeXT servers and is exploited to create the innovative service to follow the whole race in real time. In the case of mechanical or physical emergencies, the competitor simply presses the dedicated button on the OBU, which immediately sends the signal to the main control station: the latter then informs the race management department and emergency vehicle personnel equipped with Datalogic Mobile PDAs of the problem in real time. Finally, on the display of the Datalogic Mobile PDA, all the information required to manage the emergency is displayed immediately (type of problem, car location, car details etc.).