The brand-new EASEOFCARE Service Program from Datalogic Mobile

Bologna, 9 April 2009 - Datalogic Mobile announces that EASEOFCARE, its World leading Maintenance Contract Programs, have now been enhanced with exciting new benefits at a cost effective price. A new overnight comprehensive service program, a shorter turnaround for the comprehensive program, as well as 1 and 5 year contract terms are now offered, in addition to the 3 year contract. All of which is designed to provide the most economic protection for a customer's investment in their chosen Datalogic Mobile device.

EASEOFCARE is consistent with Datalogic Mobile's desire to satisfy Partners and end users with the best service and repair solutions possible, allowing them to concentrate on their core business, without worrying after purchasing a product. With the brand-new EASEOFCARE, Datalogic Mobile takes care of everything. Quick, simple and efficient service guarantees the least possible downtime.

Now available in Europe, North America and Australia EASEOFCARE meets the specific needs of Datalogic Mobile Partners and their end users, by offering different Service Level options.

In order to ensure the rapid supply of ‘swap out' units and only original parts in repairs, Datalogic Mobile locates its Service Centres in its main manufacturing plants and hence ensures that repairs can be conducted either on an overnight swap out, or on a 2 or 5 working day basis.

EASEOFCARE is also designed to minimise the time and cost spent administering repairs: thanks to the new online tool, RMAs (Return Material Authorisation forms) are created online automatically, plus 2-way shipment costs are included. This new Service Program lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) inherent in all mobile devices, minimising downtime/service costs and maximising operator productivity.

All the EASEOFCARE programs include Wavelink TE and Avalanche software maintenance for the duration of the contract. This ensures the latest upgrades and features are available, free of charge, for the duration of the EAEOFCARE agreement.

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