Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases

The Chairman of Datalogic S.p.A, Romano Volta, has been elected Vice President of Unindustria’s Presidential Committee for 2011-2015

Bologna, June 2011 – The Board of Unindustria Bologna, during their meeting on Wednesday 22 June – the first under the Chairmanship of Alberto Vacchi – elected the members of the Presidential Committee, in which Romano Volta, Chairman of Datalogic, was appointed Vice President.

Unindustria Bologna is an Industrialists Association founded in May 2007 by the merger of Api Bologna and Confindustria Bologna adhering to the Confindustria system.  It represents and safeguards small, medium and large companies from Bologna, offering the excellence and quality of services and business culture of the two original associations.

The appointment was welcomed by the Chairman of Datalogic who commented:  “I accepted this role with great pleasure and enthusiasm.  Firstly for the high esteem with which I regard Alberto Vacchi, a person with absolute value and that I will be happy to support with my experience in carrying out this new assignment.  The business system in Bologna is going through a delicate and complex period and I felt the need to give my contribution. A business system which, remember, is characterised by many small and medium enterprises, to address the key issues for the development of the territory to be able to support the development of companies.”

“I’d like to take this opportunity – continued Mr Volta – to offer my sincerest congratulations to the new President Alberto Vacchi, who I have known for a long time.  I wish him great success as the representative of one of the most important industrial associations in Italy.  In such a complex economical situation, companies need as much support as possible from  all institutions.  As far as I’m concerned, I can offer my experience, based on over 40 years as a businessman, so that all members find answers and support in their daily business. My efforts will be focused on the promotion of innovation within companies.”

In confirmation of the great efforts in innovation, in November 2010, the Founder and Chairman of Datalogic S.p.A was awarded the prestigious ID Innovation Italy Award 2010, which recognises excellence in Italian innovation driven by ICT.

The main reasons for the award were: the fact that he transformed Datalogic from a family run business into a managerial enterprise. He skilfully and deeply innovated his role from founder to shareholder, thus developing his own company, which he founded in 1972, into an “industrial business with constant and lasting growth, which has become strategic at an international level in terms of results, reputation and image". Furthermore, he also turned the company into a global player on a strongly innovative market.