The Chairman of Datalogic S.p.A., Romano Volta, has been elected as Chairman of the “Electro-technical and electronic production” section of the Industrialists Association (Unindustria) of Bologna that represents and safeguards enterprises working in Bologna

Bologna, April 2010 - Mr. Romano Volta was elected, and readily accepted, during the last meeting of the "Electro-technical and electronic production" section of the Industrialists Association (Unindustria) of Bologna, to act as chairman from June 2010 to June 2014.

"It is with great pleasure - Datalogic's Chairman declared - that I accept the role of Chairman of the "Electro-technical and electronic production" section". This will allow me to continue to give my contribution to the association (which is now Unindustria) with ideas and projects. The association offers the excellence and quality of the services and business cultures of the two original associations - Api Bologna and Confindustria Bologna - also planning innovative products to satisfy the requirements of a global market focused on the competitive scenarios of the future".

Datalogics' role within the industrialists association of Bologna is important in view of the fact that it is a successful enterprise that has expanded skillfully in Italy and worldwide indeed through investments in innovation. To confirm its role of global player and technological leader, last November in Rome, during the "VII Giornata della Ricerca" (VII edition of the Meeting dedicated to Research) organized by the industrialists association, Mr. Romano Volta received the Award  in the Large Enterprise category for the 2009 edition of the "Business Innovation Prize".The prize was awarded to Datalogic for "having improved its competitive standing on a strongly innovative market through change management and constant innovation in all the areas of the organization".
"We received this recognition with great satisfaction - Mr. Romano Volta explained - it proves the commitment of every Italian businessman in creating substantial actions that enable our country to expand continuously. Datalogic, today just like over 35 years ago, is a company that has always aimed at investing in innovation and has often even managed to anticipate changes in order to compete on markets across the whole world".

Datalogic does indeed live for Research and Development and, year-in-year-out, continues to invest in innovation. "Datalogic operates on high-tech markets - Mr. Romano Volta added - and has always considered Research and Development as the mainstay for its growth and expansion on the international market right from the very start. The company owns 885 patents worldwide, 8% of its turnover is put back in R&D, over 25 million Euro was spent in Research and Development in 2009 alone and the Group has 8 research centers across the world. These are the substantial facts of innovation for Datalogic, an enterprise that has become a leader on reference markets thanks to its daily commitment in always searching for the best possible technological and managerial solutions achievable".