The first leg of the Forum entitled “Economic development in times of crisis” was held at the premises of Datalogic S.p.A. in Calderara. The event was organised by the municipal departments of Calderara and Sasso Marconi, in collaboration with the provincial department of Bologna

Bologna, Italy, January 22, 2010 - Great interest in the forum hosted by Datalogic S.p.A. at its conference room in Lippo di Calderara di Reno (Bo). The event was attended by numerous local economists and politicians to talk about business districts and the productive system in these times of crisis. It was an opportunity to discuss the outlooks and the role fulfilled by local administration departments to assist and encourage the development of the territory's economy.

The forum entitled "Economic development in times of crisis" was fostered by the municipal departments of Calderara and Sasso Marconi, in collaboration with the provincial department of Bologna, and elaborated topics such as local taxation, territorial planning and bureaucratic streamlining, suggesting ideas of thought on local public policies.
The event held for local authorities, trade union organisations and business associations won the approval of the numerous attendees and lead to the signing of a programmatic document to outline what the fostering municipal departments will implement throughout 2010.

The welcome speech of the host, Mr. Romano Volta, President of Datalogic S.p.A., was followed by a short greeting of the Councillor of Productive Activities of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Mr. Duccio Campagnoli and the mayors of the two organising municipalities, Mr. Irene Priolo and Mr. Stefano Mazzetti and the Councillor of Productive Activities and Tourism of the Province of Bologna, Mr. Graziano Prantoni.
A debate was later held by Mr. Maurizio Marchesini - President of Unindustria Bologna, Mr. Tiziano Girotti - CNA Bologna, Mr. Cesare Melloni - Cgil Bologna, Mr. Alessandro Alberani - Cisl Bologna and Mr. Massimo Mangiarotti - expert in public policies for local economic development.

Mr. Romano Volta, not only opened the doors to his company to host the event but he also put Datalogic's skills and experience, acquired in over 35 years of development beyond Italian boundaries in four continents, at the disposal of the local community. In Mr. Volta's opinion, the global market requests businesses to spread internationally, but at the same time requests them to remember the importance of preserving the bond with their own territory in order to enhance the identity and the culture of the business, with the awareness that the success of a business is strictly bound to its origin and to the places to which it belongs.

The mayor of Calderara pointed out the importance of the public administrator in these times of crisis, who shall create the best conditions for renewal in her/his territory through tax incentives, infrastructures and, more generally speaking, services to businesses. "Industrial and small companies - she highlighted - will only be able to grow again by working together side by side, at all levels".

During the debate, the importance of innovation was recollected, in terms of the product and of business management, likewise for the ability to realize current changes and future perspectives. As for the public administration departments, the need to innovate the administrative approach arose, by improving the typical functions of the local authority through planned and programmed actions and by cooperating with all those involved across the territory.