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Press Releases

Press Releases

The hi-tech design of the Joya™ A pod crosses the Baltic Sea to reach Coop Extra’s Self-Scanning Service in the Nordic territories

Oskarshamn 29th November - Datalogic inaugurated the pilot store for self-scanning at the Coop Extra in Oskarshamn, Sweden, in May of this year. This store's customers now use the hi-tech Italian designed Joya A pod for self-scanning operations.

 Coop Sweden has earned a 22% market position in the grocery retail industry in Sweden with its stores that include Coop Extra, Coop Konsum, Coop Forum, Coop Nära and Coop Bygg. It has forecasted the go-live date for self-scanning in two other supermarkets by the end of 2012, making a total of 120 Joya A pods in its stores this year, with more to come in 2013.

The Joya A pod, which makes shopping fast, has been met with excitement from Swedish consumers due to its design, ease of use and speed, allowing users to save time while shopping.

  • Its exclusive design, light weight, easy handling and ergonomics make the Joya A pod the ideal companion for a fun and exciting shopping experience.
  • Bar code reading is simple thanks to Datalogic’s patented Green Spot technology. A green spot is displayed directly on the code when reading to indicate a good read. This visual confirmation is perfect for noisy environments or in areas where it is difficult to hear the confirmation beep.
  • The Joya A pod also allows the customer to put the article in the bag right after it is read and go directly to the dedicated checkout counter when shopping is completed without having to wait in long lines. The customer presents the pod to the cashier without having to take all the articles out of the cart, reducing wait times considerably and therefore allowing the customer to spend more time shopping for the desired items.

The Joya A pod was well received by Coop Extra members in Oskarshamn. They found the pod to be very esthetically pleasing with its colorful cover and particularly intuitive regarding use, thanks to its familiar look and feel, similar to that of a mobile phone or smartphone.

Datalogic’s reseller, Delfi Technologies AB, collaborated on the project, as well as Datalogic’s local software partner that created the self-scanning software, using its extensive experience and competence obtained over many years developing checkout software for Coop Sweden stores. Datalogic’s partnership and collaboration with these companies guaranteed perfect customer service.

This success can be attributed to Datalogic ADC’s sales strategies, providing the possibility of retailers to use Joya A with the Shopevolution solution or with another company’s self-scanning application, assuring maximum versatility for the creation of the ideal solution for the customer. This continues to reaffirm Datalogic’s success and its leadership in the self-scanning market with installations at over 400 stores in several countries, such as Italy (Coop, Conad, Auchan, Esselunga, Finiper, E.Leclerc Conad, Iperal, Famila, Bennet, Tigros), France (Groupe Casino, ATAC e Carrefour), Belgium (Delhaize Group), Sweden (Coop Sweden).