The new R Series™ from Datalogic Mobile: Maximum productivity and reliability in the toughest environments

Bologna, 11 December 2008 - Datalogic Mobile introduces the R Series™, a product line of rugged Vehicle Mounted Computers particularly tailored for Warehouse Management, confirming Datalogic Mobile's commitment to providing complete solutions for Warehousing applications.


Suitable for use in warehouse/distribution centre environments or manufacturing shop floor/work-in process applications, the R Series™ increases productivity through reduced errors during receiving, put-away, picking and shipping activities.


Designed to deliver maximum productivity and reliability in the toughest environments, the R Series™ Vehicle Mounted Computers set the rugged industry standard. Featuring an aluminium outer case with fan less design, to withstand the vibration and shocks experienced on board rigid suspension vehicles, as well as the exclusive 2-tail touch screen technology and mounting which endures direct display abuse. Being IP sealed to the maximum extent the R Series™ resists dust, rain and harsh cleaners, while a heater option protects the Vehicle Mounted Computer even in freezing temperatures, offering a wide operating range (-30°C to 50°C).


Extremely versatile, the R Series™ is available in three different sizes, to fit different mounting and space constraints. These new Vehicle Mounted Computers provide up to 25 external keys to allow direct input and functionality. The mounting options include support for the vehicle mounted computer, hand-held readers and external keyboards. For increased application flexibility the R Series™ come with a dedicated software keyboard with over 25 layouts (including 8 different languages).


Complying with all the most widely used standard technologies, the R Series™ maximizes the return on investment through easy deployment, device management and maintenance. The existing investments in mobile computing applications are leveraged thanks to the R Series™ Windows CE operating system and X Scale processor; moreover the new Vehicle Mounted Computers are included in the Datalogic Utilities and Wavelink Powered™ program, with Wavelink Avalanche and Terminal Emulation pre-installed and pre-licensed at no additional cost.


On the whole, the R Series™ Vehicle Mounted Computers respond to the specific needs of customers, starting from the proper shape and dimension, up to guaranteeing the most suited and complete answer to maximize productivity and reliability even in the harshest environments.