The new Rhino™ 10 Vehicle Mount Computer from Datalogic Mobile: the best partner for work in the toughest environments

Bologna, 28 October 2011 - Datalogic Mobile, one of the world leaders in the mobile computing industry, launches the new Rhino™ 10 Vehicle Mount Computer, introducing an extremely rugged design for warehousing management in distribution centers, warehouses and manufacturing shop floors. The Rhino 10 computer significantly increases productivity thanks to its automated data collection capability during receiving, put-away, picking and shipping activities.


Designed to deliver maximum efficiency and reliability in the toughest environments, the Rhino 10 Vehicle Mount Computer sets the industry standard for ruggedness. This new product features a cast aluminum IP65 sealed case that protects it from the driest and wettest environments, resisting dust, rain, harsh cleaners, and whatever else can be found in both indoor and outdoor warehouse environments. It also handles the strongest vibrations and shocks experienced onboard rigid suspension vehicles with ease, while a dedicated low temperature model can be used in freezing temperatures, providing one of the widest operating temperature ranges on the market today (-30°C to 60°C).


Coupled with its ruggedness, the Rhino 10 computer features excellent connectivity. A Summit IEEE 802.11 b/g CCX v4 certified radio is incorporated into the Vehicle Mount Computer, assuring seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure. Ethernet capability is also offered on select models along with an extended temperature range. The Rhino 10 model provides a wide range of possibilities for wired connectivity as well, with two serial and two USB ports, permitting the use of a handheld bar code scanner for quick data entry and location confirmation. Furthermore, the Bluetooth® Wireless Technology option allows connection to peripheral devices and is certified for use with Datalogic Scanning's Powerscan™ handheld readers.


Extremely versatile, the new Rhino 10 Vehicle Mount Computer features a ten inch touch screen display which can be installed easily in various space constraints without the need of covers, gaskets or special cables. Mounting options include additional support for handheld readers and a full range of external keyboards with different layouts and sizes to address every possible customer need. For increased application flexibility, the Rhino 10 the Vehicle Mount Computer, also includes a dedicated software keyboard, available in a multitude of layouts and languages.


"Think of our new Rhino 10 the Vehicle Mount Computer, as a ruggedized tablet for a forklift. Its 10" full touchscreen display minimizes footprint while allowing gloved hand operation - no physical keyboard required!" pointed out Tom Burke, Datalogic Mobile Vice President of Product Marketing and Support. He went on to say, "moreover, the new Rhino 10 model is included in the Datalogic Utilities and Wavelink Powered™ programs, allowing easy and fast integration with both Wavelink® Avalanche™ and Terminal Emulation pre-installed and pre-licensed at no additional cost."