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Press Releases

Press Releases

The New Value Channel Program: The Best Way to Work with Datalogic Mobile

Bologna April 1, 2009 - Datalogic Mobile announces the launch of the New Value Channel Program dedicated to its Value partners worldwide, confirming its vocation for selling solutions through the channel.

With the New Value Channel Program, Datalogic Mobile aims to satisfy the end users with the best solution for their needs, empowering each and all its Partners and strengthening its position of an easy company to do business with.
Tailored to Partners specific needs, their uniqueness and their points of strength, the Value Channel Program is based on a clear distinction between the new VALUE PARTNER: Value Distribution Partner and Value Solution Partner. They will all benefit from specific advantages finding the easiest and most effective way to conquer target clients and markets. The new Channel Program provides special benefits even to Datalogic Mobile best Resellers: being Authorized Partners, they gain access to a whole array of focussed services.

Value Distribution Partner are big global distributors and top local distributors focussed on delivering industry leading improvements to companies of all types, sizes and location. Providing a logistics added value, they guarantee a widespread coverage, reaching resellers and end users in every market and place. The Value Channel Program gives them the option that rewards stock and sell out visibility in order to keep their business growing and take a competitive advantage.

Value Solution Partner are the ones who really add value to the business thanks to their loyalty and deep knowledge of the business environment. The Value Channel Program rewards their customer centric direction with preferred pricing, tools, and support, offering an entire range of benefits for boosting and supporting them in any business deal situation.
Value Distribution Partner and Value Solution Partner are both CERTIFIED by Datalogic Mobile: a wide variety of training courses for both technical and sales disciplines assure resellers and end users that when they work with a Value Partner they will find in them Datalogic Mobile competence, experience, reliability and all the key elements that permit Datalogic Mobile to be positioned among the worldwide market leaders.

"The New Value Channel Program reinforces our commitment to all of our channel Partners and provides them with new tools and services, with the aim of improving their top and bottom line results", comments Gian Paolo Fedrigo, CEO of Datalogic Mobile. "All business partners are constantly looking for a strong relationship with a manufacturer that supports their business ethos: our new Value Channel Program transmits this passion for our Partners and adds real value to a deep relationship, making it even simpler to work with the Datalogic Mobile family."

The new Value Channel Program gives our Partners network a competitive advantage and more value by leveraging Datalogic Mobile's in house and on-line resources, increasing business opportunities, and reducing sales efforts and overheads. VALUE Partners will also benefit from dedicated conditions on the new 2009 official Datalogic Mobile price list, guaranteeing more competitiveness and higher margins.

The benefit package of Value Channel Program includes some new important features:
"DIRECT CONNECTION" gives registered partners access to an internal Datalogic Mobile resource that technology can't replace: People. DIRECT CONNECTION means real people assigned to our Value partners, to provide sales support, technical support, marketing support, and customer service.

The new ON-LINE ORDER SYSTEM is an easy, fast and precise new approach to order management, where Partners can save time, reduce errors and have the order process totally under their control. A simple and intuitive click through the EASEOFCHOICE configurator and in a few seconds, orders are placed, in real time.

Furthermore, with the newest service program EASEOFCARE, Datalogic Mobile takes care of everything, starting from the need for quick, simple and efficient service, so that Partners and their customers can concentrate on their core business.
The benefit package of the New Value Channel Program includes the extensive range of comprehensive benefits and support that Datalogic Mobile Partners have always relied on, as well as a wide NEW array of online tools: EASEOFACCESS, a complete set of on-line marketing tools, EASEOFSERVICE, the new on line Datalogic Mobile Customer Service, as well as EASEOFTRAINING, the Datalogic Mobile on-line sales and technical training.

For more information about the New Value Channel Program visit: