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Press Releases

Press Releases

Torino 1989: Auchan brings Italy a new way of “doing business” - Mestre 2009: Auchan with Joya, fun and convenient hi-tech shopping comes to life

Mestre, 18th May, 2009 - Twenty years after the first Italian hypermarket was opened, Auchan launches "hi-tech" shopping at its Mestre store. A small terminal (pod) allows real time reading of selected items and avoidance of waiting time at checkout.

CassaXpress, the service name, offers to the consumers a rapid way of doing shopping thanks to Joya™, the innovative Datalogic pod for self-shopping.

"We always look with the interest at the technologies, bringing concrete advantage for our consumers; both from the point of view of purchase consciousness and time management at the store. In 2003, with this spirit, we created Cassamica, easy, rapid and always open self-service system" - affirms Marino Vignati, Direttore Sistemi of Auchan SpA. "After Cassamica, we began a pilot project, being a precursor of cassaXpress. The comments of our consumers, even from not necessarily technologically evolved ones, were immediately positive and enthusiastic."

The "heart" of cassaXpress is Joya, a new generation pod that makes shopping more rapid and practical, allowing the consumer to read the bar code on the buying products; Joya represents a totally new shopping experience.
Taking Joya from one of four dispensers, placed at the hypermarket entrances, a consumer begins a fun personalized shopping experience: rich in information to know the exact amount being spent at any time during the shopping; quick, for people short on time, full of information, content, and special offers for people who want a complete picture of their purchases.

With cassaXpress, Auchan launches the "smart shopping" age. In fact, there are 24 automatic kiosks for quick payment dedicated to cassaXpress service consumers, in order to assure the most rapid processing without removing the products from the shopping trolley.

There are also 12 self-checkout kiosks, called Cassamica, and 20 traditional checkout lines with operators.

Access to the cassaXpress service is granted to users of the Carta Auchan and Carta Accord: paying with the Carta Accord brings a special 5% discount on the purchase total before the 31st of December 2009.

An authentic experience of rapid and fun multimedia shopping becomes possible thanks to the Joya characterized by the personalized cover with the colours chosen by Auchan. This growing service will soon reach a quantity of 400 pods at complete disposal to consumers, who could ask for help to the hostesses of cassaXpress service for any need.

"Thanks to CassaXpress, Auchan meets the demands of consumers more conscious about the price-quality ratio and the avoidance of waste"- said Luigi Frison, Datalogic Mobile EBS Marketing Manager. "This is the period of conservative purchasing for many consumers, more cautious while choosing items, they are less loyal and more promo-surfer, they are ethic and responsible. This is why Joya allows Auchan to communicate offers, promotions and advantages of goods in efficient and simple way by means of cassaXpress, fulfilling quality demands of consumers becoming more and more virtuous."

It's yet another success for Datalogic, helping solidify the leadership position it has carved out for itself, with more than 300 stores installed, including Italy, France and Belgium. This further demonstrates the importance of understanding the market and consumers, as well as a strong inclination to innovation for constant and on-going growth.