Training is now web-based with Datalogic Mobile

Bologna, 7 October 2008 - Datalogic Mobile announces EASEOFTRAINING, the new on line, web-based trainings to help its partners build their business. These trainings are available anywhere, anytime and they contain information about the product as well as discussions of the features that set Datalogic Mobile products apart from the competition.

The trainings are self-paced, and include learning assessments, while courses can be repeated as often as each business partner likes. As a subscriber, each business partner will be notified as additional trainings become available.

These courses feature audio track/narration, written companion notes, quizzes to track progress and information retention, as well as certificate of completion and reporting.

Access to the web-based training portal is free to Datalogic Mobile partners. An authorization code can be obtained by contacting the Training Department at