Ulyxe family All-In-One laser marking sources

Datalogic Automation – Lasermarking Product Group - orientation to innovation, its new philosophy focused on technological development and its advanced production techniques, find their effective expression in the innovative Ulyxe family – All-In-One laser markers 6W@1064 nm.
The laser is extremely compact with advanced technological concepts. Ulyxe is the entry point into the laser world without compromising on the performance required for obtaining accurate marking on almost any type of material.
In addition, thanks to its extreme compactness, this laser family represents the ideal laser marking solution both in stand-alone configurations as well as in industrial production lines.

The All-in-One laser
The air cooled laser sourced offers an ultra-compact design and includes the scanning head, digital control and monitoring functions. The whole units is dedicated with a specially designed high tech case, available in different materials, polyurethane and metal, depending upon different applications requirements.
This compact laser family is available in 2 different configurations – Ulyxe and Zeux
ULYXE perfectly matches its compact dimensions with the ease of its USB connection and of its ULYXE EDITOR software, specifically developed to offer all those key functions which maximize its marking performances.
Zeux complements its record compactness with the flexibility of the DSP2 board and of the SMARTIST software in full configuration.
Standard 24 V DC power supply for both versions.