Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases


Datalogic Automation Laser Marking is pleased to introduce the UV-Lase source and marker@355nm.

The UV product exploits the extensive experience and success of the DPSS family and is based on the mechanic optical architecture of Third Harmonic Generation (THG).

The extra cavity technology allows high efficiency conversion of the LBO nonlinear crystal and compactness of the laser source.

The UV-Lase is based on the state-of-the-art V-Lase platform which derives from the long experience in the production of high performance and high quality DPSS laser sources.

The V-Lase @1064nm, the Green-Lase @532nm and the UV-Lase @355nm all use the state-of-the-art End Pumped Coupling Technology, which represents the leading-edge solution in the field of laser sources.

The proprietary end-pumped architecture using a TE cooled diode laser pump with unmatched MTBF, assures the reliability and availability of the system.

The Lase platform offers lasers with excellent beam quality, high peak power and short pulse width. The operator is able to precisely tune the power and pulse repetition rate. Very high brilliance in the laser spot, at longer focal lengths, makes the V-Lase platform ideal for marking a broad range of materials, even with large marking fields.