Watch how Datalogic’s ELF PDA improves pest control efficiency at Okolona in the success story video

Eugene, OR USA – April 23, 2013 - Datalogic, a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation, announces the release of a new field service video case study for field force automation.

This study highlights the benefits experienced by Okolona Pest Control  when they implemented the use of the Datalogic Elf™ mobile computer by their field technicians. The Elf mobile computer is an enterprise PDA designed specifically for use in field force applications delivering voice and data connectivity for workers outside the four walls. Okolona Pest Control outfitted 57 field service technicians with Elf mobile computers maximizing their productivity and increasing their level of customer service.


Founded in 1972, Okolona Pest Control is the perfect example of a modern pest control operation that offers pest control and pest damage repair to clients from Southern Indiana to Northern Kentucky. Kassandra Mills, the 3rd generation manager, states the use of mobile computers “has cut down on the time the office staff has had to manually post tickets because the technicians are doing it for them.”  The ability to dynamically schedule in real time and push the information to technicians allows Okolona to set itself apart from the competition and maximize the number of clients served.


CLICK HERE to watch the video case study or read the case study. 

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