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Datalogic is the lead provider of cutting-edge technology designed for the Retail industry worldwide.

Datalogic portfolio includes: RFID Applications, Shelf Management, Assisted Sales, Grocery and Non-Grocery Solutions, Automated Scanning, Loss Preventions and much more.

Grocery - Store & Stock

Retail back store inventory is often maintained by retail staff that are more experienced in customer service than inventory management. Datalogic handheld mobile computers keep this inventory accurate while making it easy and intuitive for workers.

Grocery - Distribution

Grocery distribution is complex with many players that produce, manufacture, transport, distribute, market, and sell every type of food product imaginable. Datalogic technology delivers solutions for automated and manual data collection for grocery distribution.

Non Food - Store & Stock

Datalogic has been a worldwide retail leader for over 40 years. The first bar code scanner for retail checkout was developed by Datalogic engineers and the innovation continues today with full digital imaging devices, automated scanning portals, mobile computers and handheld scanners. Datalogic has solutions for applications throughout retail, in the store and along the whole retail supply chain.

Non Food - Distribution

Keeping retail stores stocked with goods requires a solid logistics system that insures a continuous flow from distribution to the retail outlet. These are scan intensive applications where ruggedness and reliability are mandated.

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