Datalogic Warehouse Solution

The new all-in-one warehouse solution from Datalogic gives you constant access to real time data - even when working from a vehicle.  Thanks to the combination of a vehicle mount truck terminal, an industrial handheld scanner and a receiver unit, you can now receive, capture, display and transmit data without being forced to step out of your vehicle.

Let us show you how the interaction between our three industrial grade products can make every data-capture process in your warehouse fast and easy. Picking, receiving, put-away and shipping is made easier, as well as giving full traceability along your supply chain at the same time.

Yes, I would like to test Datalogic's new three-in-one warehouse solution, please contact me so we can discuss the exact test requirements.*

* Ambient conditions, application areas, display size, current equipment etc

The test offer is valid until 31.12.2018

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