Cobalt HF and Cobalt UHF

Datalogic Automation presents a new line of Ultra-High Frequency RFID products for industrial auto-identification. The new line is an extension into the Ultra-High Frequency domain of the highly successful Cobalt HF line of High Frequency industrial RFID controllers, antennas, and tags. UHF permits longer read/write ranges than HF and that now enjoys a high degree of international standardization thanks to the efforts of the EPCglobal organization and wide-spread adoption of their Class 1, Generation 2 standard.
The RFID product team at Datalogic Automation has a long and successful expertise in applying RFID into the most challenging industrial environments for use in factory automation systems.
Now with the adaptation of UHF technology into a reliable industrial package, many more applications on the factory floor can benefit from RFID to identify assemblies, parts, and product carriers through the manufacturing process.
The new product line includes all the components needed to create an operating RFID system: controllers, antennas, tags and cabling.
The Cobalt UHF Controller is offered in the two most popular operating frequencies (American and European), and in several models with integrated connectivity to support the most often required communications protocols for integration into industrial fieldbuses and information networks. The electronics are packaged in a robust, IP65-rated enclosure for reliable operation in harsh conditions.
To complete the product range, compatible antennas and new industrial EPC Class 1, Generation 2 RFID tags are available as well. These rugged, heavy duty tags are the results of 25 years of experience in applications where RFID has been used for the most demanding environments.