The smallest and lightest wearable scanner

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The HandScanner™ allows workers to be faster, more efficient and improve the quality of their work. Users can easily pick up, carry, and interact with objects with the wearable HandScanner, avoiding the need to repeatedly put down and pick up the scanner, improving productivity. This leads to better scanning accuracy and a drastic error reduction.

The HandScanner has outstanding performance capabilities and is able to scan 1D/2D bar codes whether they are horizontal, vertical or flipped, scanning from a wide range of angles instead of pointing at bar codes head on.

With its lightness and small footprint, users will find that the HandScanner enables ergonomic work and facilitates their daily operations with their natural working motion.

The HandScanner is available in two versions: Standard and Mid-range, and able to cover scan ranges from 10 to 150 cm satisfying many verticals in different industries.

Combining the HandScanner with Datalogic’s mobile computers provides workers with a full data collection solution suitable for any kind of application.

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Notre mission est de fournir à nos clients un excellent service, à chaque interaction, adapté à leur profil et à leur secteur.
The central role of the customer also drove the creation of a new corporate division (the so-called “Customer Service”), which has centralised all the services provided by the Group globally, from order entry and confirmation to after-sales service and installation, by applying a performance indicator of client satisfaction such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) used by many Fortune 500 Companies.

Le Service Client s'assurera d'avoir une réponse simple et cohérente à chaque demande. Nos spécialistes s'engageront auprès du client à mener chaque cas jusqu'à sa résolution complète.  

L'organisation du Service Client de Datalogic propose différents services après-vente (accords EASEOFCARE). Elle est organisée pour garantir l'assistance professionnelle la plus appropriée en fonction du problème spécifique.

Le Service Client de Datalogic peut déployer sur le territoire une équipe de professionnels multilingues, avec une grande expertise technique sur l'ensemble de la gamme de produits.

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Modèles et Accessoires

HandScanner - Mid range
HandScanner - Standard range
Charging Station 2-slots
HandScanner + Charger + Gateway Care 3yr
HandScanner + Charger + Gateway Care 5yr
HandScanner + Charger Care 3 years
HandScanner + Charger Care 5 years
Gateway for HandScanner incl. USB cable
Left Hand Trigger 10 Pcs, Size L
Left Hand Trigger 10 Pcs, Size M
Left Hand Trigger 10 Pcs, Size S
Right Hand Trigger 10 Pcs, Size L
Right Hand Trigger 10 Pcs, Size M
Right Hand Trigger 10 Pcs, Size S
Power Supply for Charging Station