The DSM04XX Fixed Scan Module is a high-performance scanner in a compact form factor.

Get the greatest performance in a small enclosure

The DSM04XX from Datalogic is the latest compact fixed scan module to suit all of your needs. It has been developed to empower a variety of different systems such as kiosks, ticketing machines, access control systems, autonomous robots, and lab test equipment. The DSM04XX has a rugged construction. Its high impact resin body will withstand knocks and is resistant to virtually any cleaning solvents and disinfectants. This is the module for you when you need to scan both 1D and 2D barcodes from the tightest of spaces. The DSM04XX really does prove that size isn’t everything.

Discover the power in something so small

Available in several models with different resolutions and field of view, the DSM04XX will suit all of your applications. The wide-angle model is particularly useful when space is at a premium. The module itself is only 49 cm3 (3 in3). You will have to see it to believe it when it comes to the size of the DSM04XX. It can rest comfortably in the palm of your hand and is 60% smaller than the well known Datalogic GFS44XX scan modules. The DSM04XX is the product for you if you need high performance in a small package.

Fit it wherever you need to

The DSM04XX offers electrical and mechanical fittings for all possible integration options. You get all of the mounting hardware included within the box. Simply install your device from any side and at an angle of your choosing. It’s highly resistant to motion and low light conditions for the more rugged applications you may choose to use it for. The highly visible 4-dot aimer and audible feedback beep will confirm when you have a good read. As with many other Datalogic products, the DSM04XX comes with the patented Green Spot technology for highly visible indication of a good-read feedback directly on the code just read.

It is small but tough and versatile too

Whatever enclosure you choose to embed this barcode reader in, you know it will remain in operation for years to come. With its tough IP54 casing it is fully protected from both dust and water ingress. Despite the size and rugged exterior, the DSM04XX still provides interfacing options to suit all requirements. Whether you need RS-232, USB, or multiple interfaces, the device provides plug and play installation. Scan modes are easily configured between Triggered, Autosense or Soft Trigger. The DSM40XX is the perfect choice when it comes to finding your next future-proof scan module.

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