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BNP Associates, Inc. approve Datalogic laser scanner array

Bologna September 07, 2007 - Datalogic is pleased to announce that Datalogic Automation's fully redundant laser scanner array has demonstrated that it meets the performance criteria of BNP Associates, Inc., for laser scanner arrays.

BNP Associates, Inc. - a specialized consulting company in the air transportation industry - has declared Datalogic Automation an approved vendor for the supply of laser scanner arrays applied to baggage handling systems.

The Datalogic laser scanner array includes the DS8100A laser bar code scanner, a high performance reader that has both ASTRA™ and PACKTRACK™, which are exclusive Datalogic patented technologies. ASTRA™ technology empowers the reading capability with a multiple-lasers optic system. PACKTRACK™ increases a conveyor's productivity and assures maximum sorting reliability. For example, it minimizes the gap between two bags. PACKTRACK™ also allows the scanner to measure the real position of the bar code and assign it to a specific piece of baggage.

Datalogic Automation has over thirty-year experience as a major supplier of automatic identification systems for baggage handling including over 800 installations in more than 70 airports around the world.

"The approval by BNP Associates demonstrates that our solution meets the needs of the most demanding applications in the marketplace. Datalogic offers excellent performance and maximum reliability by improving productivity we are helping minimize the transfer time of the bags within airports," said Stefano Selvatici, Marketing Manager, Datalogic Automation.

Datalogic solutions enable airports to process high volumes of passenger bags in a short time without error. In addition, Datalogic solutions guarantee excellent reading performance even in case of low quality barcodes and damaged labels. Datalogic Automation also offers a solutions for baggage identification and traceability, based on RFID technology.