Cisco grants ccx v3 certification for leading Datalogic Mobile devices

Bologna, October 2, 2007 - Datalogic Mobile, a global player in the Rugged Mobile Computers market, received notification from Cisco Systems that the Pegaso™ and Falcon® 4400™ mobile computer products have been certified compliant with CCX version 3. Pegaso™ is a versatile PDA mobile computer designed for use in workforce automation, retail, and delivery applications. Falcon® 4400 mobile computer is the industry leader in ergonomics for retail and warehouse applications. Both products now add CCX version 3 certification by Cisco to their long list of features. Datalogic is listed as an approved CCX supplier on the Cisco website.

"We are excited to receive CCX certification on our Pegaso™ and Falcon® products" says Tom Burke Director of Datalogic Mobile Americas Product Group. "With CCX, our business partners all over the world can take full advantage of the features and security of Cisco infrastructure at their installations."

Pegaso™ and Falcon® 4400 use communication drivers from Summit Data Communications. "Datalogic Mobile's support for Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCXv3) shows their continuing commitment to providing enterprise level features such as security, quality of service, and fast seamless roaming" said Ron Seide, President of Summit Data Communications. By providing support for CCXv3, Datalogic Mobile delivers the highest possible degree of interoperability with the market-leading wireless LAN infrastructure worldwide, which directly benefits Cisco's enterprise users."